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Re: Problem with pf+bridge (2)

I've tried everything in your mail before you sent your response with no results. I've used a simple hub (no 3Com) and everything works, but I want to know if is a 3Com issue. I've tested it in other 3Com switch: with normal cable, no link light. With cross-over cable, no link light, in uplink port (switch on/switch off)no light.
The same configuration, in a very CHEAP hub and a normal cable works fine.

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Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 17:00:01 -0400
Subject: Re: Problem with pf+bridge (2)

If both the firewall and the hub work correctly independantly,
then neither one is at fault, but rather how they are used in
combination.  This means that it is probably not a PF issue, 
which would explain the relative silence I've seen in 
response.  It seems most likely thatyou've plugged your
firewall into an 'uplink' port on your hub.

So... what to do?
1.) Try plugging the firewall into a different port on the 
hub (without moving any of the other cables that may be

2.) Try using the cross-over cable to plug the firewall
into theport in the hub that you are currently using.

3.) Try using a different hub.

If none of these things work, then I would suggest that look
for an alternate source of information as this list is not
actually appropriate for this question.


>I've tested it with a PC simulating my LAN (with a backbone cable
>(1-3, 2-6)). All right. When I've tried to put it on my LAN HUB,
>the HUB start blinking in COLLISONS (with a normal cable) and
>nothing works. HUB works fine except when I connect my OBSD
>firewall (both interfaces)... My SWITCH at 'Internet' works
>fine with both interfaces. What should I do?

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