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Re: Unexpected named syslog message...? (allocated to .nl somewhere) is trying to update your DNS.
BIND denied it.
Life is good.

Quoting Rickard Borgm?ster (doktorn_(_at_)_sub_(_dot_)_nu):
> May  7 20:31:31 naval named[12754]: client update
> 'realworld.nu/IN' denied
> I'm a little bit confused by this syslog message. I suspect this to be an
> attempt to update a dynamic dns zone. Is that correct?
> IP is the current DHCP address on my home DSL connection.
> I have 2 computers (1xFBSD+1xWin2K) behind a router (which itself is able
> to update dynamic DNS's) but I have not set up any kind of dns updating in
> any of them.
> I have no clue what is trying to update my realworld.nu zone. Do you?