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Re: Netiquette and "begin blablablabla"-crap


my mailer renders the letter "p" really badly.

I'd appreciate it if you could not start lines with
the letter P please...

Now is this a problem for the list or is this a problem
of the mailer?

That said, we use "begin foo" to keep you from having
to see the thought viruses that follow.  Consider it for
your protection (cause outbreak is really the only mailer
to agressively find and execute attachments.  These "email
viruses" are not "email" they are "Microsoft Outlook viruses".

Quoting Alexander Hall (alexander_(_at_)_beard_(_dot_)_se):
> From: "Richard P. Koett" <mail-lists_(_at_)_telus_(_dot_)_net>
> > Alexander Hall <alexander_(_at_)_beard_(_dot_)_se> wrote:
> > > -- To those it may concern --
> > >
> > > Would you mind removing that "begin  electrogrammati..." crap from
> > > your replies?
> > 
> > This has been discussed previously. People have their own preferences
> > and nobody is going to change the way they do things.
> I'm not talking about whether top posting is good or bad here. That's
> just up to each and everyone to decide. I'm talking about people
> _deliberately_ doing things to annoy other people. That is not the way
> to be considerate of others. I might reconsider this if there is any
> other reason for having lines starting with "begin  ".
> The goal (making people stop using Micro$oft stuff, or whatever) may be
> good, but it doesn't justify their behaviour.
> I think people SHOULD stop doing this, and the use of it should be
> discouraged, just as people are often encouraged to break their lines.
> I think it's in both cases a matter of common sense and good manners.
> > FWIW, Outlook Express users can view such messages by typing CTRL-F3.
> > This may also work with Outlook but I have not personally tried it.
> Yep, saw that in a previous post. It's a good one!
> /Alexander