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3.3: xf86cfg Problem

When I run xf86config on my desktop system
with newly loaded 3.3 OS, exiting the program 
after writing the config files results in the same 
blank screen with blinking cursor that I get on
my laptop after a Suspend/Resume. I have to
reboot to regain control of the system.

I had previously dione pkg_add of the kde 3.1 packages
libs, base, graphics, artwork and network before running 
xf86config. During the pkg_add of libs, I got error messages
that xsltlib-2.8 and libiconv-1.8 failed. However, both of those 
packages were listed when I ran pkg_info -a. I reran 
pkg_add kdelibs*
which completed without any messages.

During one of the pkg_add Icommands  got a warning 
message that an xdm_keys file could not be accessed.

Could these errors be caused by scsi disk errors?
(This all happened with the 3.3 I installed on a scsi drive)
I've gotten no console disk error messages on this system so far.

Dave Feustel