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Re: Upgraded to 3.3 - What files can I now delete?

On Tue, 6 May 2003, STeve Andre' wrote:

> My suggestion would be to not bother with removing them.  They
> are taking up some small number of megs of disk.  Given that
> you very likely have a lot of spare disk, why take the risk of
> blasting something you want.  Is it worth hurting the machine
> to save 10M of disk?

When you're drunk/sick/inlove or otherwise impaired on a Saturday night
and people are informing you via pager that one of the servers is spewing
out errors, it helps not to have outdated binaries/manpages/directory
structures to bang your head against as you hurriedly fix the problem.

The original poster could carefully compare the current contents of the
computer to a `tar -t` of *33.tgz or perhaps use find(1) with an
appropriate -ctime.  mtree(8) may be useful too.

Personally i too prefer reinstalling; it gives me that minty fresh