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Re: Upgraded to 3.3 - What files can I now delete?

My suggestion would be to not bother with removing them.  They
are taking up some small number of megs of disk.  Given that
you very likely have a lot of spare disk, why take the risk of
blasting something you want.  Is it worth hurting the machine
to save 10M of disk?

In general, I don't do upgrades.  I suppose it isn't rational, but
I like knowing that I've cleaned off all the vestages of previous
versions and have a new system in which to work with.  If also
seems to me that if you aren't really familiar with the changes
that are going on from release to release, trying to figure out
what to remove is fraught with enough problems that it just
doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

That likely doesn't apply if you're running on 300M ide disks,
I know.  But I think most people have slightly better hardware
than that now.  If you were running on that kind of disk a new
upgrade makes the most sense.

--STeve Andre' (Grex staff)

On Tuesday 06 May 2003 16:25, Rickard Borgmäster wrote:
> I just upgraded 2 OBSD hosts (one 3.1 and one 3.2) to 3.3. Since some
> things are cleaned out when a new release comes out, I suppose there are
> lots of files not needed on disk. They do take up some (maybe not that
> much, but anyway) space on disk, but also causes confusion [1].
> Is there a good way of cleaning out these old files? Making the system as
> fresh as a new install, without doing a reinstall?
> [1] Such as old "ndc" command along with man pages exist, though unusable
> beacuse of the new BIND version.