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Re: 3.3: Laptop Suspend/Resume Problems

After adding Option "DPMS" "false"
to the monitor section of XF86Config,
KDE will not restart after a suspend/resume.
I used pkg_delete to remove all the kde components
and then used pkg_add to reinstall those components
in the order that pkg_info listed them before I deleted
them. Changes to the appearance of the KDE desktop
after the 2nd installation made it clear that things had
gone somewhat awry during the 1st installation.

However, the suspend/resume problem remains and
KDE does not restart after a suspend/resume followed
by a reboot because of a fatal error trying to restart kserver.
KDE 3.1 now appears to be unusable on my laptop  after
the first suspend because of the  X11 problems associated 
with Suspend/Resume.

Dave Feustel