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Re: 2.9 and perl 5.8.0 question

Chuck Yerkes wrote:
It might be offered that 3.1 was just EOL'd making
2.9 mainly moot and very unsupported.

Which should explain why few people of expertise
will respond.  The effort of getting your stuff
going on an EOL'd release may work with 3.3, but
may not and thence must be redone.  Why do it twice
when you can do it once?

Because then I have to update the OS every 6 months/year, and this is a production server at a remote site. I chose OBSD because of its claims of security and auditedness, thus meaning that I'd have to upgrade it less than say, for example, any of the gnu/linux distributions.

I'm aware that Theo et al won't reply, but I
don't expect that. I'm just hoping that maybe
someone else who uses OBSD and may have solved this
problem may be around and may be willing to
share their experience.