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Re: 3.3: Laptop Suspend/Resume Problems

It's now clear that Suspend/Resume works with 3.3 running
in command line mode but fails when kde 3.1 is running.
I've posted this info to the kde-nonlinux mailing list.

On Sun 04 May 03 09:27, Dave Feustel wrote:
> Suspend/Resume no longer works so well with 3.3 installed
> on my Dell laptop. These functions worked well with 3.1 and
> (I think) with 3.2. Now when I resume I get a blinking cursor
> on a blank screen. I have to cycle the laptop power, reboot
> and login again to continue. This may well be a problem with
> kde rather than with 3.3. Has anyone else experienced this
> behavior on laptops?
> Thanks,
> Dave Feustel