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Re: Donations after new releases.

On Saturday 03 May 2003 14:58, Kent R. Spillner wrote:
> You guys talk so much shit but you never back it up.  "In my
> extensive, laudable business experience, I've learned a thing or
> two about fundraising games blah blah blah" or "Of course
> businesses would be more encouraged to support the project if you
> rip them off by selling printed copies of the BSD license on
> shiny paper for $500 a pop."  Can you actually prove any of this
> with cold, hard facts?

I don't have any reason to "prove" anything to you, but if you were 
involved you'd see how that works. No, it's not rip off as they 
know exactly what they are donating for. It's called contributing 
and is usually tax deductable if it's a non profit cause. I send 
money every month to causes I believe in. 

The whole point being that you can get into this kind of a activity 
and raise money too. Obviously if no one does it it's dead. Yes, 
few people are willing to put their actions where their mouth is. 
I'm starting up a new business so I mostly fall into the same 
category, though I'd be willing to donate some of my time if it was 

> Look: just buy a CD or two every 6 months.  Make a paypal
> donation every once in a while if you can afford it.  Tell a
> friend or coworker how great OpenBSD is, and loan them your CD so
> they can play around with it themselves.  Buy OpenBSD t-shirts
> and posters for others (or yourself) as gifts.

These are all very good things to do. What I've heard here is that 
some are interested in contributing a bit more. I would not mind 
seing OpenBSD having an abundance of funding, especially since a 
number of dollars has recently been stopped. Actually that was what 
motivated me to offer something.

> But for the love of God: shut the fuck up already!!!  Getting a
> bigger stick won't let you beat this horse more dead.

Great language, I can see you are exited about this already!

> steve wrote:
> > Thus I would think that if you could show someone the value of
> > OpenBSD and then remove the trouble of configuring and
> > maintaining it, you can have a best seller on your hands.
> OpenBSD sells itself on it's technical merits.  If people read
> the manpages and the FAQ, configuring and maintaining OpenBSD is
> a cakewalk. What are you suggesting?  That the OpenBSD developers
> stop hardening the system and adding support for new devices, and
> instead temporarily concentrate all efforts on building a
> graphical installation utility that can be launched from Windows?
>  That instead of adding new features to pf, the pf people should
> spend all their time building a graphical point-and-click
> "insta-firewall kit?"
> -Kent

Oh yes, that's a great constructive idea! Do you have anything but 
negativity and stops to contribute? 

Maybe you are 200% right in that nobody here will do squat. But 
things start with someone coming up with an idea. Corporations make 
donations rather than paying taxes which makes them look good too. 
This is an old known "cold fact", which if you get to speak to a big 
enough corporation they will acknowledge. (F.ex. IBM who yes, is 
VERY big, has a website about causes they donate to.)

Like I said I have a collegue who makes a nice living raising funds. 
Out of the 10% he raises he's making about $100k/yr. So it is 

Maybe the OpenBSD "group" don't need more money than what they raise 
right now and I got it totally wrong! Well in that case then that's 
that...  We can all forget about trying to improve any conditions. 


Steve Szmidt
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