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Faq at www.open.bsd lacking a link for emergency access

After combing the faq under the Documentation link at www.openbsd.org
I was unsuccessfull in finding a link leading to information about
how to access the os when some thing is scewing up normal booting.

I see no troubleshooting section or something similar.

I've jacked up /etc/fstab somehow while editing it I think.

Booting leads to repeated message:

Init: can't exec getty '/usr/libexec/getty' for port /dev/ttyCO:
No such file or dir DATE_STAMP

The last thing I did before a reboot was add `softdep' to all slices
in /etc/fstab.  I am conducting some experiments to see how much
speed up it gives me.

I think I may have left trailing garbage or some other edit
booboo.  Not really sure if this is the source of my trouble.

Things were working fine with my new install till this, so it seems
pretty likely.

So where is the documentation for accessing a crippled OS?  How do I
get to ftab and clean it up?

Either I've missed some obvious link at:

Or there is none there that is clearly about emergency proceedures.