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Re: NFS proxy system (or the like)

> NFS = No File Security.

Yep... A difficult task :) That's why I am asking the
gurus ;) I'm trying to find a solution for this client
that both suits his needs and improves the overall

SecureNFS was thought to be introduced to help to
improve NFS security (although I don't know if the
performance would suffer too much).

I'm afraid that the data is spread among a big number
of systems (~30), and shared among them via NFS; and
it must remain that way (I mean shared, not NFS). The
problem is that one of those systems must be sitting
on the DMZ.

> If it's specific data, then the answer is different.

Just for curiosity's sake, what are you suggesting???
I'm working with another client in a similar but
simpler scenario and your input may be valuable.


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