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-current + AIC7890... How to create a boot floppy?


I tried to upgrade my PC with ASUS P2B-S and Adaptec
AIC 7890AB onboard SCSI controller from 3.2 to 
-current, forgetting that this controller needs 
a patch http://home.pages.de/~naddy/unix/#OpenBSD 

Now the PC is unusable (SCSI hangs) and I'm trying
to cvs -current to another PC, hoping that Naddy's
backout script will apply cleanly and I'll be able 
to create a boot floppy.

Two questions (I'm searching the archives, but
it's difficult with console + lynx):

1) How do I create a boot floppy? Would
    cd /usr/src/distrib/i386/ramdiskA && make 

2) Has anyone created already such a floppy.fs
   for ahc and -current?