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Re: DNS slave on OpenBSD 3.2

Quoting <Ken <adept_ken_(_at_)_yahoo_(_dot_)_ca>> on <2003-03-31 - 11:45>:

> I am hoping someone can clear up some confusion for me. I have been
> looking into DNS slaves and am confused. Most of the documents,
> including the man page reference a named.conf file. I've tried
> configuring my named service various ways, including adding the slave
> and xfer commands to named.boot and none have worked.

do you know how to configure a _primary_ dns server? if so, you know how to
configure a slave server. just s/primary/secondary and add a backup file
name. outside of that, it might be helpful if you posted your named.conf so
we can take a look at it, though i question the applicability of this
question to an openbsd list, as it is not openbsd specific.

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