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Heya! From lynx:

This is the OpenBSD 3.3 release errata & patch list:

   [2]For OpenBSD patch branch information, please refer here.
   [3]For important packages updates, please refer here.
   For errata on a certain release, click below:
   [4]2.1,  [5]2.2,  [6]2.3,  [7]2.4,  [8]2.5,  [9]2.6, [10]2.7, [11]2.8,
   [12]2.9, [13]3.0, [14]3.1, [15]3.2.

   [16]You  can  also  fetch  a  tar.gz file containing all the following
   patches. This file is updated once a day.

   The  patches  below are available in CVS via the OPENBSD_3_2 [17]patch

Shouldn't it be OPENBSD_3_3 ?


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