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*read th1s 0ne f1rst Can't edit MBR partition, Disklabel partition too small

Sorry, here is a more complete version of that email,
"think before you hit send" should be the universal
logo of mailing lists :)
I don't know what is up but now I can't edit the MBR
partition sizes, and it makes the main partition
waaaay to small. When I get to Disklabel (even when I
edit it with b) I can't get the partition any where
near large enough.
I also don't get the warning that the HBR will
"HAPPILY" overwrite HFS paritions.
I had the disklabel problem before becuase for some
reason MBR would make the size to small by default. I
would increase it to some huge number and the next
time I would edit that partition the default number
woule be the actuall maximum.
This all started after the guts of the computer were
hanging out for a while, but during that time the
computer read and wrote sucessfully to the disks.

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