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Re: a problem about 2 NICs

Moving this to misc@

Each nic goes on it's own subnet.
different physical network.  Different IP network addresses.  and (perhaps)

(or break up your /24 into 2 /25 networks)

Quoting Cai Wenliang (caiwl_(_at_)_clo_(_dot_)_com_(_dot_)_cn):
> hi, all
>     I have installed two ethernet NICs(network interface card)
> in my machine powered by Openbsd. Once I assigned the two cards
> the IP address in the same IP section , for instance the IPs of
> and , the second card doesn't work.
> I checked the route table by the command of 'route show', it shows
> just link#1 in the table. I don't know how to make the two cards
> work in the same time. Anyone can help me ?