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Re: Weird OpenBSD power outages

I had a server which did this as well, the heatsink had accumulated so much dust/grime in 2 years that the CPU would overheat.

Shut down the box, cleaned out the heat sink and fan with and old toothbrush and everything was good as new :)


At 09:38 PM 3/19/2003 -0500, Steven Sluter wrote:
Hi all-

I've been experiencing some strange behavior on my OpenBSD firewall box lately that I dont understand.

I am running OBSD 3.1 on an AMD K-III 250 as a firewall.  About 5-6 months
ago, I was experincing seemingly random power losses on the box.  It would
lose power, then reboot. After a few days they went away, and everything
was fine.

Starting last Friday, I have had numerous power outages, where the box
will still have power going to it, (nic lights are on), but the monitor
will be blank and the system is obviously off.  I hit the power button,
and the system will come back up.

The realy weird thing is that these power losses seem to occur within a
2-3 hour time span every day (between 4-7 pm).  It did however, occur this
morning at 10am.  My first guess was that the comptuer was overheating,
but I compiled a kernel today during the day and had no crash.  So I'm not
sure if there is any other hardware I should be checking - maybe the power

I am also concerned about the box being rooted - but am unsure what to
look for.  The box is patched up to #19, and I am not running sendmail.
I have not seen any unusual programs running when i check in ps.

I also have an ftp server (pureftpd, no anonymous logins) in the dmz which
is running on unpached FreeBSD 4.6.

At this point, I am pretty frustrated.  Any advice would be greatly


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