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problem installing 3.2 and 3.3 snapshot on Ultra1


I'm trying to install OpenBSD 3.2 (or a newer snapshot) on my Ultra1.
However, when I boot the floppy image I get an error:

esp0: invalid state: 6esp0: resetting SCSI bus

The 3.3 snapshot doesn't even see the disk, 3.2 does see it, but when
I want to label it I get the warning continuously. I booted a 3.1 CD
but there I didn't get the problem and it seemed to work just fine.

The disk itself is a Seagate Cheetah ST118202LC (18 GB). The only other
device on the SCSI bus is a Yamaha CRW6416S. The disk does not yet
have a valid Sun disklabel.

I am a bit puzzled by this. I checked the disks that were previously
in it (2GB and 4GB, also Seagate) and the settings on the disks themselves
are the same (as in, termination, parity check, write protect, etc.).

Please CC me if you reply, as I am not on the list.

thanks in advance,


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