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Re: Promise Ultra133 TX2 problem?

Hi Breen...
Apart from OBSD :
Note than the Promise IDE RAID card is not configured to work in any RAID mode, control the shared IRQs,and note then the controller has
problems if you add a secundary drive in any channel, it works well with
2 primaries drives.....(is a cheap card...)
Highly recommended you post the exit of your dmesg command...........

crazy_jm AKA MegadetH (www.netsearch-ezine.com)

Breen Ouellette wrote :
I am trying to get the piece of hardware mentioned in the subject working with four
>IDE hard drives under OpenBSD 3.2. When booting the install with cdrom.fs on a cd-r,
it always hangs right after rd0, but only if I have two drives hooked up to the secondary
channel of the Promise controller. It doesn't matter what two drives I use, it hangs, and
>if I connect only one drive to the secondary controller, it works fine.
I have ruled out a possible problem between the mainboard and the Promise controller by
>trying this out on a different mainboard - I still get the same problem. The hard drives are
also different models of Maxtor, yet it doesn't matter which two are hooked up to the secondary
Is this a known problem?  Is there some way I can get around this (other than the obvious
way of getting yet another controller and only hooking up three drives to the Promise controller)

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