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Re: Sendmail queue stalled

Basic debugging when you have a problem:
Look at the machine:
  Look at processes
  Look at users
  See what's going on with the machine.

The first thing you could have noticed was a very high
load average.  Oh, it's (dangerously), running ftpd.

Offline, I suggested raising the queueLA and refuseLA,
but really: Move FTP of the freaking machine.

Quoting Javier Perez (javiergperez_(_at_)_yahoo_(_dot_)_es):
> Greeeeatttt!!!! thank you Chuck!! that was it! :)))
> This server acts as a ftp server too (this is a small
> net) and a few hang ftpd processes were eating the
> resources.
> when I killed those processes, the mailq got flushed! 
> I'll have to find a way to trigger an alarm on CPU
> load... (Any suggestions?)
> Thank you ALL so much guys, for helping debug the
> process and for the lessons on sendmail internals.
> I can sleep tonight :))
> Javi
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