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Re: Sendmail queue stalled

Quoting Javier Perez (javiergperez_(_at_)_yahoo_(_dot_)_es):
> Sendmail version is OpenBSD stock one with latest
> patches and usual additions on cf file (masquerade,
> virtual users, black list and similar): Sendmail
> 8.12.2
> > sendmail -v -q -d
> apart from config details, this is the only output:
>    setoption HoldExpensive (c)=F
>    setoption DeliveryMode (d)=
>    assign_queueid: assigned id h2GKFEYt017892,
> e=0x86978
>    getla: 11

Load average is 11   (see also "uptime).

I'm betting that it goes into queue only at 8.

sendmail -v -q -OQueueLA=20

You may also want to move that up in your .mc file and
regenerate your cf file.  At 12, by default, it stops
accepting mail.

That said, it's rare that most mail servers put much load
on a machine at all - disk and network are almost always the
first bottleneck.  150k/day ancient machines will run at a
load average below 1.0.

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