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Stubbern Directory

Due to a typing error (slip of the finger) I have ended up creating a
directory called -k (doh!!)

rmdir "-k"
# rmdir "-k"
rmdir: illegal option -- k
usage: rmdir [-p] directory ...

I cannot delete it because get error -k is not an option

cannot mv "-k" delete-me
# mv "-k" delete-me-now
mv: illegal option -- k
usage: mv [-fi] source target
       mv [-fi] source ... directory

As far as i can tell this file will not go away unless I newfs the file
system and restore the files without the "-k" directory from a system
dump which is what i'm proceeding to do.

Is this the only way?

Julian Smith (julian_(_at_)_juliansmith_(_dot_)_net)

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