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Re: cd33.iso

Ha ha ha ha!!  Reel's don't exist.
Ah to live in the world with no legacy data.

Yes, I run into them occasionally.  They were long dead in 
1994 when I got them fairly regularly.

DLT's are not reel to reel.  It's a helical scan, IIRC.
Now DEC tape cartridges are, basically, DLT.  But different
technology entirely, AFAIR.

Talk at a Usenix by a newspaper IT guy.  They had hoarded
PDP parts because PDP's had reliably run the machines that
did a bunch of the production work on their print line
(things like running papers through printers and getting them
strapped and onto the right trucks).

Any worse than they were before?  Not really. And for
scrap prices, they were sure they'd run for a while.
Newspapers don't usually have lots of money to change
large working systems.

A chipmaker I did work for had Sun-3's inside chiptesters.
The sun-3 part loaded test binary blobs, shoved it over
the VME to the testing hardware an told the hardware "start".
Then it went to sleep for several hours while it testing lots
of chips.

I can't talk about NASA.  I understand running some things
on proven hardware.  The AT was never solid or worthwhile
(what purpose did the 286 ever have - annoying chip always).

Quoting dreamwvr_(_at_)_dreamwvr_(_dot_)_com (dreamwvr_(_at_)_dreamwvr_(_dot_)_com):
> On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 01:42:58AM -0500, Chuck Yerkes wrote:
> > I can find you reel to reels...  I tend to hear
> > about them as they head to the dumpster.
> > 
> > And for the 9 year old: I last used one to read
> > some data in 1994.
> > 
> > Now, my 8" floppies would be handy to read.
> > 
> > And I have my bosses old SCSI QIC TAPE.  Has been very handy
> > to move something like 10 old 60MB tapes onto a CD.
> reel to reel now that is not something one sees or hears about anymore.
> The 'unattainable' when they were new become the real treasures
> later. That is providing one does not need to pay transit for 
> blocking streets on a Sunday since the dumpster is too big;-)
> What value do the old AT etc have with OpenBSD? I read
> a article a while back on how NASA was scouring the internet 
> for parts for the AT series. This made me think they can't be 
> serious can they? I have one I would like to use for something
> since it used to work. I have not spun it in a long time so
> this may no longer be the case. However It would be a shame to 
> throw it out.