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Re: snapshot source tarballs?

Quoting Dom De Vitto (dom_(_at_)_DeVitto_(_dot_)_com):
> Thanks for the replies, but my point was that if you machine 
> doesn't have a working NIC, you're  options are to use another
> machine just to get the source from CVS, tar and burn onto CDR.
> My point was that it would be helpful and easier for more people
> to use snapshots if they were just like releases, and included
> the source tarballs. Just srcsys.tar.gz would be enough
> to get a working kernel so the network works...
> (and in order to upgrade from 3.2 to -current you need to use
> a snapshot, IIRC, so CVS upgrading alone won't cut it...)

The other alternative is to not have snapshots.
They are risky, they crash sometimes, they are there
for testing.  Right now, they are pretty stable.
I only grab snapshots when I get a feel for how the tide
is moving in the cvs updates list.

When libpthread is being added and libc_r is being pulled,
maybe you don't want a snapshot or even a CVS current.

Pull a snapshot, do a cvs update to get -stable and install
that.  The snapshot bootstraps you and then you discard it.
Now you have -stable AND the sources.
s/stable/current/   if you want to live on the bleeding edge.
watch the update logs carefully when you pull current.

source tars balls are large, cost bandwidth and maintainance.
And nobody really wants them.  How many architectures?  14
or so?  Since snapshots are from -current, they might be built
from different revisions.  So 14 source tar balls.  Nice.

I'd suggest (back in 2.3 time frame) a CVStag for snapshots
(e.g. PPC_SNAPSHOT).  Working more with CVS  has educated me
that theo is right, CVS makes that very expensive to have
a billion tags.  It was bad enough with 50 developers on
a LAN - the CVS server was one of the more powerful boxes.

It would be neat if CVS got some funded attention before closed
source makes it look really bad.  There are some nasty sharp corners
and burrs on it.  You shouldn't have to log into the CVS server to
hand whack files but sometimes, you have to.

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