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Re: snapshot source tarballs?

At 09:35 PM 03/12/2003 -0000, you wrote:
>I know it's pointless, as snapshots are out of date minutes after
>they are done, but does anyone know where/if the src.tar.gz and
>(even better) srcsys.tar.gz are ?
	They aren't.  Snapshots don't always reflect exactly what's in -current at
the time (or so I recall I've read in the past).

>I've just built a 3.3 snapshot laptop, from the ISO (thanks!)
>but need to rebuild the kernel to pick up the network card
>- the only option I can see is downloading -current on another box,
>tar'ing it up and putting that on a CD, but I thought snapshots
>were designed to be just like the releases, distribution-wise?
	Why not take srcsys.tar.gz from 3.2, untar it to /usr/src/sys and AnonCVS
it up to -current at this point?

Signing off, 

Joseph C. Bender
jcbender at benderhome dot net