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Re: pf+nat+edonkey+rest

You should only need 4662 open and redirected to the internal edonkey PC.

rdr on xl0 proto tcp from any to xl0 port 4662 -> _internal_edonkey_pc port

works for me.

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Subject: pf+nat+edonkey+rest

Could anyone help me setting pf.conf in my network
to work correctly (I could not succed myself)...
Let me explain my network...
I have several pcs on internal net
I have openbsd 3.2 box at (internal 
interface) and some external ip (extIP let's say).
Now - I would like to:
1. block ALL incoming packets but,
2. allow SOME pcs to connect to internet and
3. allow just one pc to connect to edonkey network
(which needs to have opened tcp 4661, 462 and 
udp 4672 ports)

I have tried several configurations but none was good..
How to allow only selected pcs to connect to external 
How to redirect edonkey packets to only one pc (and 
block edonkey on others)?



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