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Booting an Ultra 1

I have the following problem when booting a Sun Ultra 1 (by the
looks of the archives, it's probably an older openboot problem)...

solaris# dd if=miniroot32.fs of=/dev/rdsk/c0t0d1s3 bs=64b
solaris# reboot

I send a break and then..

ok boot disk:d bsd
Resetting ... 

Sun Ultra 1 SBus (UltraSPARC 167MHz), No Keyboard
OpenBoot 3.5, 128 MB memory installed, Serial #XXXXXXX.
Ethernet address 8:0:20:8d:XX:XX, Host ID: 8XXXXXXX.

Rebooting with command: boot disk:d bsd                               
Boot device: /sbus/espdma_(_at_)_e,8400000/esp_(_at_)_e,8800000/sd_(_at_)_0,0:d  File
and args: bsd
OpenBSD IEEE 1275 Bootblock
.Bad path
Fast Data Access MMU Miss

To show some diagnostics...

ok .version
Release 3.5 Version 0 created 1997/01/06 18:05
OBP 3.5.0 1997/01/06 18:05
POST 3.10.6 1996/10/18 10:19
ok dev /
ok ok .properties
idprom                   01 80 08 00 20 8d 28 3f 00 00 00 00 8d 28
3f a9 
reset-reason             S-POR
breakpoint-trap          0000007f 
#size-cells              00000002 
model                    SUNW,501-3082
name                     SUNW,Ultra-1
clock-frequency          04fa1be0 
banner-name              Sun Ultra 1 SBus (UltraSPARC 167MHz)
device_type              upa

I assume his is a very old boot loader?

If so, I can boot to Solaris, but is there a listed patch to


- Eric

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