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Re: xl(4) opinions

At 02:24 PM 03/07/2003 +0100, Henning Brauer wrote:
>On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 02:56:07PM +0200, Denis A. Doroshenko wrote:
>> On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 07:16:39AM -0500, Joseph C. Bender wrote:
>> > 
>> > The onboard 3C920 (The OEM chipset version of the 905C) has BIG
>> > media issues.  Especially if you use Cisco switches.  Neither is
>> > very good at negotiation, so you always have to force it to 100/auto.
>> personally i have completely opposite experience. at our office 3com
>> cards (905B) were the only cards that were able to detect the media
>> automatically. neither fxp, nor dc could do that (they both say 100Mbps
>> half duplex, though on the other side it was a cisco with both auto
>> detect and 100Mbps; the problem detected in both cases).
>I use dc(4) all the time, namely, DEC/Intel 21143 based ones.
>I also use cisco switches all the time.
>I do not have a single switchport which has speed or duplex set statically.
>I neither have a single machine where I did that.
	I think this may be a YMMV thing.  And besides, we all know you're
special, Henning.  8-)

I do know that over all, the Catalyst 29XX-XL  (12 and 24 port (for XX) at
least) suck hard and don't play nice with anything.
dc(4) and fxp(4) get forced too, as do the switches, just because that's
more likely to work, anyway).


Signing off, 

Joseph C. Bender
jcbender at benderhome dot net

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