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Re: xl(4) opinions

On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 07:16:39AM -0500, Joseph C. Bender wrote:
> The onboard 3C920 (The OEM chipset version of the 905C) has BIG
> media issues.  Especially if you use Cisco switches.  Neither is
> very good at negotiation, so you always have to force it to 100/auto.

personally i have completely opposite experience. at our office 3com
cards (905B) were the only cards that were able to detect the media
automatically. neither fxp, nor dc could do that (they both say 100Mbps
half duplex, though on the other side it was a cisco with both auto
detect and 100Mbps; the problem detected in both cases).

> I stand by my pile 'o fxp cards.

i can say more, with several desktops carrying on-board fxps we
experienced troubles, as they stop transmitting/receiving data when
loaded heavily (on a 100Mbps full duplex).

one point people may be missing here when the talk about their
experiences about throughput of different NICs: there are two parts --
a NIC and the driver. when you say that fxp beats xl under OpenBSD is it
hardware only issue? if Linux people claim opposite, it can be that xl
are better, OTOH it can be that their fxp driver is just a piece of BS.

one could say that the above is just lamerish BC, but i did not see any
technical info or facts on the subject any way.

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