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Re: xl(4) opinions

On Friday 07 March 2003 12:32 am, Lucas Reddinger wrote:
> An onboard xl seemed to have some issues with media on a friend's Dell
> Optiplex. I have an xl in this laptop, and I haven't had any problems.
> I still like my fxp in my production server the most.
	I'll second this, and I can back it up.  

Our installed-base of machines is 95% dell, 100% dell on the desktop, with a 
smattering of mobile users using Thinkpads.

The onboard 3C920 (The OEM chipset version of the 905C) has BIG media issues.  
Especially if you use Cisco switches.  Neither is very good at negotiation, 
so you always have to force it to 100/auto.  Interestingly, under win2k and 
OpenBSD, 100/half or 10/full suck hard, on no matter what switch you use.  
10/half on anything with them seems to work, but again, make sure the media 
is set.

Interestingly, Dell is now using the Intel 10/100/1000 chipsets on their GX260 
series motherboards.  THey can't do 10/half worth a shit, but why would you 
want to with a P4?  8-)

I stand by my pile 'o fxp cards.

Joseph C. Bender
jcbender (at) benderhome dot net