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Re: xl(4) opinions

On 07/03/2003, Andrew Basterfield <bob_(_at_)_cemetery_(_dot_)_homeunix_(_dot_)_org> wrote To misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org:
> http://www.fefe.de/linuxeth/

fefe is a *censored*

> 'the 3c905C is the most efficient card for 100BaseT in the moment'

yeah.. rite

> I have quite a few of these cards as a friend gets them for free,
> they're all 905Bs and a 905C. I have two 905Bs in an OpenBSD -current
> bridge (using mmapped IO), I can get it to pass about 8800K/sec through
> the bridge but if the bridge is the source/destination of traffic I can
> only get about 4000-5000K/sec. I will try a better benchmark (ttcp is
> old), and maybe a faster CPU (P166MMX currently).

get the next one.. maybe revision has changed -> total foobar.

3com *can* be good, but you never know before.

Or like I put once to a friend who told me ".. and 3com is a great company,
the card broke and they sent me a new one within 5 days" - my answer:
"well, the intel here just never broke.." 

> Does anybody have any experience/opinions on these cards? (preferably
> someone who has been involved in writing drivers or benchmarking them)

Neither did I, but this is just experience of several years with TONS of
machines/NICs in a wide variety.

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