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Re: a message from ports.

It means that something bad security wise has been discovered
in the port.  Chances are you can run it, but there is something
inside which at least has the potential to be a risk, if not a
definite risk.

If you edit Makefile and comment out the broken like with a #,
you should be able to build it.

...But you've been warned.

--STeve Andre'

On Tuesday 25 February 2003 15:22, Jefferson Costa wrote:
> Hi everybody ! :)
> i'm trying to install mc(midnight commander) by ports. When i use "make
> install" into mc directory (/usr/ports/misc/mc) in OBSD 3.2, it answer is:
> "===> mc-4.5.51 is marked as broken: final auditing. comming soon."
> What it does mean ?
> thks.
> Jefferson.

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