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Re: kppp

On Wednesday 29 January 2003 13:24, Jason Morefield wrote:
> I'm trying to use kppp to dial the internet so my wife can connect
> easier...Unfortunatly under 3.2 kppp doesn't see any devices.  Even if
> i edit the kppprc file by hand and specify the device as /dev/cua00
> (external modem) it still won't work.  Anyone have any ideas?? my dmesg
> follows...

kppp does not work with OpenBSD (Unless you modify the code), it is a quite 
linux-centric application. I gave up trying to use it, and just made wrapper 
scripts around "ppp -background" (to run wwwoffle -fetch, postfix flush, 
fetchmail, etc.) with sudo and put a nice icon to run them on my girlfriend 
kde desktop.

Hope this helps.