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Re: first install

On Tuesday, Jan 28, 2003, at 14:17 US/Pacific, Mat Harris wrote:

right, i got an ftp install dones from the packages i moved onto the laptop.

i now need to work out things like the equivalent to "service foo restart"
and the porting you spoke of. I don't have a /usr/ports. is that something I
have to install individually?

only other thing is the keyboard is really bugging me:

*no autocompletion
*backspace not working in vi
*home and end keys not working in vi
*up and down to scroll shell history not working

probably more i've not found. this is a tought learn even from a linux

There is a wonderful thing that is the OpenBSD FAQ. In particular:


I use ksh and it's met all my long since retired bash needs.

I'm sure you'll also find a wealth of other material in the FAQ to help you along the way to a much more secure and easy to admin OS.


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