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Re: screen buffer in -current

--- Eduardo Augusto Alvarenga
<eduardo-openbsd-misc_(_dot_)_a8164a_(_at_)_thrx_(_dot_)_dyndns_(_dot_)_org> wrote:
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> An "option KEEPSCREENBUFFER=X" in the kernel (not GENERIC) would
> be nice to have.

Since the machine I'm complaining about has 1.25GB of memory, I'm not
worried about a few lines of text taking up kernel memory for a screen
buffer, nor would I be worried about a few kb taking up some kernel
memory on my 486. Being able to do a `ls` for a large directory and
switch between consoles without loosing the `ls` contents is worth it.

I guess I'm a minority with that opinion or I wouldn't even be writing
about it.

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