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Re: Problem with Mysql (Just for you Chuck)

Having been away a bit I missed this. sorry :)

Ah!  Information included in the message.
Good user.  You may have a food pellet.

Quoting anthony_(_at_)_defreitas_(_dot_)_com (anthony_(_at_)_defreitas_(_dot_)_com):
> First off to my friend Chuck, How many newbies to OpenBSD have you
> heard of that are hosting 20,000 sites? Ok so I should have been more
> specific. But surely someone with your caliber of intelligence  could
> have deduced that it was just for my home network, as others did.
> Anyways, I'm having a problem with mysql and before you fire back why
> don't I post to a mysql list? I already did, and no one there had any
> experience running mysql under openbsd. So if anyone here has any
> experience, your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Here is how it went:
> point# pkg_add mysql-server-3.23.49.tgz
> ===> Creating mysql group for MySQL
> ===> Creating mysql user for MySQL
> useradd: Warning: home directory `/nonexistent'
> doesn't exist, and -m was not specified
> Sorry, the host 'point' could not be looked up.
> Please configure the 'hostname' command to return a
> correct hostname.

"ping point" probably fails too.
make the ping work (gethostbyname(3) really).