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X for AlphaServer 1000 machine on OpenBSD 32.?????

I just loaded up my AlphaServer 1000 machine with OpenBSD 3.2.  It seems to
be doing fine.  If possible I would like to run X on it, for some minor 
things like
xpdf, xdvi, xfig, etc.  IS it possible to set up an X server on this 
particular machine
(Alpha Server 1000 4/266).  If so, will it run on the native vga output?  
startx calls
libio with an error msg that it only runs on bwx capable machines, and then it
aborts not finding things from xinit.  X is linked to XFree86.  The cmdline 
does fine.

I am not that familiar with Alpha hardware and nomenclature, so I may have
something not set right, if it will run X.  Or, if it does not natively run 
X, where
can I find a working X server?

Any insights or suggestions are appreciated.


Bob Keys

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