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Re: The new VIA C3

> > If this a dumb question, sorry, but my programming knowledge 
> > streches to being able to make a "Hello World!" type program :)
> > 
> > VIA launched it's new "Nehemiah" C3 processor yesterday, and among 
> > it's features is "PadLock"(More info in the link below).
> > 
> > Im just curious, could this be useful for things such as IPSEC, and 
> > similar tasks involving cryptography?
> > 
> > Quick article about it: http://www.aceshardware.com/#60000487
> > VIA's page: http://www.via.com.tw/en/viac3/pb.jsp
> As far as we know, this thing is so incredibly overblown, and all it
> is, is a random number generator.  Intel host bridges have had that
> for a while.
> I've sent mail to VIA asking how to use this feature, but noone has
> replied yet.  Please help us find technical docs on it.
> Something more substantial than this is coming in the new Transmeta
> chips, but again, no documentation for it.

I wrote an e-Mail to the german VIA-Support ;)
Maybe the german support would be able to help me getting the 
references (technical docs).... 

If I get the docs i will send they to Theo de Raadt.


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