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Re: OpenBSD on Sparc Staion 20

Hello Todd,

Thursday, January 23, 2003, 19:37:16 (UTC), you wrote:

TCM> I think Theo is the only person I know to actually have preferred
TCM> the old Hitachi tubes to a Trinitron.  It was insane.  Not that
TCM> *my* setup with 3 20" trinitrons from various old workstations is
TCM> perfectly sane either but, hey, I compute *wide-screen*.

  My 4 Hitachi SM 803 that came 7 years still run circles around any
  Sony. True .22 CAD class pitch. Sony is good for watching animated
  cartoons and as flight terminal displays. Hitachi was OEMing for
  RasterOps when they did very expensive Apple DTP stations years ago.

Best regards,