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Re: "Sender domain must exist" problem with daily output emails

"David Jeschke" <david_(_dot_)_jeschke_(_at_)_pobox_(_dot_)_com> writes:
> From: "David Jeschke" <david_(_dot_)_jeschke_(_at_)_pobox_(_dot_)_com>
> To: <misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org>
> Subject: "Sender domain must exist" problem with daily output emails
> Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 12:58:57 -0800
> Message-ID: <00fa01c2c18f$fddabc50$0300a8c0_(_at_)_MerryMarlin>
> I set up a vanilla OpenBSD 3.2 box to host CVS for a development
> project.  I want to receive the 'daily output' emails and cron job
> results at my regular email address.  So I aliased root to my username
> in the /etc/mail/aliases file and installed a .forward file listing my
> regular email address.  The box gets its networking info via dhcp from a
> netgear router connected to a cable modem.
> I get emails alright, but they are "Returned mail", with the following:
> ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- 
> ...
>     (reason: 501 <root_(_at_)_fasteddie_(_dot_)_sttls1_(_dot_)_wa_(_dot_)_home_(_dot_)_com >... Sender domain
> must exist)
> where 'fasteddie' is the name I gave the OBSD box at setup and
> 'sttls1.wa.home.com' is a domain name that the cable company must supply
> to my netgear router which is passed along to the OBSD box via DHCP.
> Needless to say fasteddie.sttls1.wa.home.com is not a legitimate domain
> name!
> How do I configure the box to send mail that isn't returned?  Thanks!

Dig this,
	% dig wa.home.com ns

	; <<>> DiG 8.1 <<>> wa.home.com ns 
	;; res options: init recurs defnam dnsrch
	;; got answer:
	;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NXDOMAIN, id: 6
	;; flags: qr aa rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, AUTHORITY: 1, ADDITIONAL: 0
	;;      wa.home.com, type = NS, class = IN

	home.com.               1H IN SOA       ns1.home.nl. dnsadmin.corp.home.nl. (
						2002032114      ; serial
						1H              ; refresh
						10M             ; retry
						1W              ; expiry
						1H )            ; minimum

	;; Total query time: 163 msec
	;; FROM: pepper-pot to SERVER: default --
	;; WHEN: Wed Jan 22 00:32:39 2003
	;; MSG SIZE  sent: 29  rcvd: 90


Man, no way you got a valid domain, that's what that NXDOMAIN thing
means.  You gotta rap with your cable company on this one, man, 'cause
there's nuthing we can do about it, 'cause this is pure sendmail, ain't
got nuthing to do with openbsd.  Ya need a static IP and an MX record
for yer mail domain, so that's what ya tell your cable company, don't
confuse them with openbsd unless they're real hip.  Also, check out
plus do a google search on
	mx klensin crispin green
'cause ya really gotta grok MX records to get this one right.
Say, man, didja google on
	'Sender domain must exist'

					-Marcus Watts

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