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Re: apache cgi problem

> i installed apache 1.3.6 from source. every program/script i run in
> /cgi-bin/ raises the "interneal server error" error. the err_logfile
> says:
> [Tue Jan 21 22:18:48 2003] [error] [client] Premature
> end of script headers: /cgi-bin/test
> what could that be? i tried perl script and compiled things. scripts
> that worked with 1.3.4 now crash.

You might want to try looking for help on the apache mailing list. The
problem is most likely that you're script is not printing a valid http
header before it spits out the rest of it's output. Remember your
combined http headers must be followed by 2 newlines.

 Shaun Fryer
 ph: 905-529-0591

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