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Re: Soekris vpn1201 performance

> There's newer cards coming out soon.  Forget about broadcom; they're
> jerks who sell overpriced hardware.

Who is bringing out the newer cards? From my recent research, I totally agree that the people at BroadCom are jerks. It's been nearly impossible to get anything accomplished with them. But the specs on their 584x chips are VERY impressive. Is another company going to offer something similar?

I'm currently trying to find a decent source for a PCI-based SSL acceleration solution. A long-time FreeBSD user, I'm now using OpenBSD because of the excellent crypto support. I have a Soekris vpn1201, but it is not quite what I'm looking for in terms of performance. I need something a little more on the high-end side. Do you folks have any recommendations?

Scott Johnson