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Re: 3.2 SCSI crash

> I have a i386 machine running 3.2 following stable (dmesg below).  The
> machine was running 2.9 for over a year with no problems.  I recently
> upgraded it to 3.2, and the machine crashed after being up for a
> couple of weeks.

You may be having a problem like this one:


Well, search the archives, a few people have problems with the 2940 and the
"new" ahc driver.  I whined about it a lot because my machine was one of the
few that gave the error but *didn't* crash (so it wasn't bad enough for me
to buy another controller...).  I "fixed" it by using the patch in the
message above.  I'm guessing my problem has something to do with Compaq's
funny PCI BIOS in my Deskpro 2000 MMX; since you have a PPro, your BIOS may
be old enough to be funny, too.

Check your hardware just to be safe, then either put back the "old" ahc
driver or get another card.  I was browsing eBay today, and Compaq SMART/2
series controllers are under $50, and they're supposed to be supported.