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Re: problem sending mail from command line/script

Quoting Chuck Yerkes (chuck+obsd_(_at_)_2003_(_dot_)_snew_(_dot_)_com):
> Quoting Matthew Kent (matt_(_at_)_bravenet_(_dot_)_com):
> > Quick fix for me was to change the relay host in /etc/mail/localhost.cf
> > to use my isp's smtp server like so
> > 
> > # "Smart" relay host (may be null)
> > DSfoo.bar.com
> Bzzzzt!   No food pellet for you.
> The sendmail.cf is a binary (or like enough).  Edit the m4
> file and regenerate it.
> Per /usr/share/sendmail/README
> Here's homework:
> grep SMARTHOST /usr/share/sendmail/README 

Er, part of the homework was find the typo.
Better to:
grep "SMART_HOST" /usr/share/sendmail/README