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Re: Streaming Webcam from OpenBSD 3.1?

DR> I have two Intel "pro" webcams here, a CS110 and a CS330 and i have not
DR> been able to get either to succesfully work under either Linux or OpenBSD.
DR> The only chipset that has any support so far in obsd (in the usb arena) is 
DR> the ov511 (and plus and 518) in the ports/graphics/vid package...

I have the CS330 working under Linux with the spca50x project.  I'm not aware
of any OpenBSD porting plans.

DR> If you want to use the intel camera, i did find a derivative version of the
DR> linux ov511 drivers that purports to support the intel imaging chipset 
DR> but i haven't gotten very far with it. It would be nice to port those over
DR> if they _do_ work... Google the chipset name the "spca50x"...