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Re: Sendmail Queues

On Fri, Jan 10, 2003 at 08:50:38PM -0500, Stewart Davis wrote:

> Am I mistaken -- does Open(and  Free and Net for that matter)BSD
> not support installation to Extended partitions?

Personally, I've  never tried, because  by the time I  had started
using OpenBSD I  had long since given up on  putting more than one
operating  system  on a  hard  drive. I've  never had  much  luck,
regardless of the combination of OS, bootloader, etc.

Go find  your nearest $5 bin  and buy any IDE  hard drive therein.
It'll have  plenty of space to  have fun with OpenBSD  and you can
use your BIOS to pick which hard drive (and therefore OS) to boot.

Better yet,  rescue a computer from  being sent to a  landfill and
make it your experimental computer. Anything from a P133 on should
do fine. Earlier may well work, but you're more likely to run into
various problems  with obscure hardware, not  enough RAM, etc. The
place with  a $5  bin will  probably have a  $50 P233  (or better)
nearby with ``Please adopt me  for OpenBSD!'' written all over it,
if you don't  know anybody getting ready to  throw something away.
Ebay is full  of listings for, for example, PII350s  for $60 ``buy
it now.''



Ben Goren

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