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Re: ASUS A7V8X: chipset (VIA), LAN (Broadcom) and AGP unsupported?

On Fri, Jan 10, 2003 at 10:39:42AM +0100, Alexander_(_dot_)_Farber_(_at_)_nokia_(_dot_)_com wrote: 
> I've bought this mainboard http://www.asus.com/prog/spec.asp?m=A7V8X
> and the onboard NIC doesn't get recognized (chip label reads "Broadcom
> BCM4401KFB, RT0240 P11, 66157S", WinXP on my dual-boot PC recognizes 
> and uses it as "ASUSTeK/Broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated controller" at 
> 0,9,0, IRQ 10). I've tried uncommenting brgphy and bmtphy (please find 
> the dmesg output below - cureent before propolice), but it hasn't helped.

I had such a board at my hands for half a day - enough to add the device IDs
ti pcidevs, no long enough to play with the NIC. at this time there was no
support for the chip in any other BSD nor linux either. I dunno wether that
has changed. well, without hardware, no development.

Unix is very simple, but it takes a genius to understand the simplicity.
(Dennis Ritchie)