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Re: Fw: Root's Shell

On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 01:25:21PM -0600, anonymous wrote:
> > Why
> >
> > " . . . it is not advised to change the root shell. however, your average
> > admin
> > usually create a 'toor' account which has the same ID as  root  (0)  and
> > give it a bash shell."
> >
> > What is a 'toor' account, why (and when) use it, and why give it a bash
> > shell?

> > Is there anything wrong with just changing the root login shell to sh or
> > ksh, or else installing the statically-compiled bash and making that the
> > default root login?
if you know what you are doing, the answer is no. but I believe that the
openbsd team has chosen csh as the default root shell for good  reasons.
maybe it is just historical. anyways. in my unix experience, whether  on
openbsd or any other unixish system, I  never  change  the  root  shell.
that's the way I do things. others may have good reasons to disagree and
do otherwise but that's fine with me :).  each  administrator  uses  the
techniques that suits her/his habits better.

I agree with Greg Thomas. I don't see what's the problem in keeping  the
root shell as it is and typing bash/zsh/etc once logged in. if you think
typing four extra chars is a time waste, create an alias to decrease  it
to one. or use 'toor'. or better, do not use the root account as  I  and
others said earlier but use 'sudo'.

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