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Re: Root's Shell

On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 11:43:18AM -0500, francisco wrote:
> > unless bash is compiled as a static binary and moved to the bin dir, you
> > are doomed (or about to be) if you need to boot single user mode or  fix
> > (fsck etc.) /usr if it a separate partition.
> if you boot single user mode in OpenBSD you will be prompted
> "Enter pathname of shell or RETURN for sh:"
> even if you accidentally change root's shell to /something/stupid you can
> still boot single user mode and use /bin/sh or whatever shell you prefer.
> other OS's might not be so kind.
right. thanks for the precision.  I  forgot  about  that  fact.  and  of
course, other OSes such as solaris[1] are not so forgiving. that's why I
prefer not to change the root's shell to  something  funky  since  I  am
dealing with heterogenous networks. 

[1] boot cdrom -s etc. but that's not the subj right ? :)
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